Jing Lan Yang

The People's Party of Canada's candidate for MP in Cariboo-Prince George; committed to serve every resident with integrity and honour.

Who Am I?

A Canadian who believes in freedom, responsibility, respect, fairness and justice for all! A mother who has worked hard through life as a teacher, CSR, business executive, and editor. Each job has nurtured me for these challenges today.

Why Must You Support Me?

  1. I am a staunch patriot, and a proven common-sense solution finder
  2. The PPC's policies, especially those on taxes, supply management, interprovincial trade barrier removal, and pipelines, will energize our local economy's growth.
  3. The PPC is the only party fighting for the rights and freedoms of every Canadian, for our core values, and for the sovereignty of our nation.

Why Am I Running For Office?

I've noticed some drastic changes in recent years, changes that have led us down a steep slope.

New taxes, higher taxes, de-growth policies and regulations, billions of tax dollars sent to foreign countries, unsustainable deficits and debts, unsecured borders, bad bills, censorship, SOGI madness. Our country has been systematically diversified into a divided, weaker, chaotic state.

The Liberal government has failed us miserably. The Conservative Party is running away from true conservative values. I have thus joined the young People's Party of Canada because I choose to stand up in answering a citizen's duty call.

I plead everyone in our riding for support. As your MP, I will fight for a better future for us, for our children, and for Canada!


Email: ppc_young_jly@outlook.com
Twitter: @Young_JLY